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Ira Chernus began his academic career studying the history of religions, in particular the history of Judaism, with special emphasis on rabbinic …Three Myths of Israel's Insecurity. By Ira Chernus April 18, 2011 Ira Chernus April 18, 2011

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Ira Chernus on Where Fear Can’t Take Us Posted on October 4, 2005 October 20, 2009 A world of fear: By the end of 1953, the United States had close to 1,000 A-bombs, H-bombs, and “tactical” nuclear weapons.Ira Chernus is a professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and …The End of Roe and School Prayer: America is Not Ready to Be a Christian Nation; How Evangelicalism's Twin Seeds of Biblical Literalism and Constitutional Originalism Spelled the End of Roe; Evangelical Healthcare Sharing Plan Catastrophically Fails — But Why Did So Many Join in the First Place?Ira Chernus PROFESSOR OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER WELCOMES YOU: ... See the website of Miguel Chernus-Goldstein, aerial dancer, and his latest performance videos here and here. I am also a public citizen and occasional political activist.America is in a season of peaceful political protest such as we have not seen for nearly half a century. But I fear that we protesters have not done a very good job of explaining ourselves. If you … Nuclear Madness: Religion and the Psychology of the Nuclear Age (Black Women in United States) (9780791405031) by Chernus, Ira and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.More than any of the required reading produced by American Renaissance, A Dissident’s Guide to Blacks and Africa captures the essence of what American Renaissance is all about. Racial differences lead to racial preferences, and Jared Taylor has built a career promoting the rights of white people to associate with whomever they prefer ...Ira Chernus, The Peace Movement's War Story Posted on February 2, 2016 May 15, 2021 Who even remembers the moment in mid-February 2003, almost 13 years ago, when millions of people across this country and the planet turned out in an antiwar moment unique in history?Ira Chernus is the author of American Nonviolence (3.18 avg rating, 17 ratings, 4 reviews, published 2004), Monsters to Destroy (4.33 avg rating, 9 ratin...Ira Chernus, Contributor. Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, University of Colorado Boulder. Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, University of Colorado Boulder. Aug 2, 2012, 07:08 PM EDT | Updated Oct 2, 2012. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. Contributors control their own work and posted ...For eight years President Dwight Eisenhower claimed to pursue peace and national security. Yet his policies entrenched the United States in a seemingly permanent cold war, a spiraling nuclear arms race, and a deepening state of national insecurity. Ira Chernus uncovers the key to this paradox in Eisenhower's unwavering commitment to a consistent way of talking, in private as well as in public ... By Ira Chernus. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 2004. xiv + 234 pages. $20.00 (paper). - Volume 35 Issue 1. Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites.To donate by check, phone, or other method, see our More Ways to Give page."This book takes an incisive look at the stories we are told -- and tell ourselves -- about evil forces and American responses. Chernus pushes beyond political rhetoric and media cliches to examine psychological mechanisms that freeze our concepts of the world." Norman Solomon, author, War Made...Tuches aufn tish: Buttocks on the table. That's the colorful way my Yiddish-speaking ancestors said, "Let's cut the BS and talk aboutIra Chernus. Looking back on Barack Obama's first post-election interview with "60 Minutes," no one should be surprised that he admitted he's reading about Franklin D. Roosevelt's first hundred days in office. In fact, the president-elect — evidently taking no chances — is reportedly reading two books: Jonathan Alter's The ...Ira Chernus is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Read more of his writing about Israel, Palestine and the U.S. on his blog . MORE FROM Ira ChernusSep 1, 2004 · Frequently bought together. This item: American Nonviolence: The History of an Idea. $1674. +. The Amish: A Concise Introduction (Young Center Books in Anabaptist and Pietist Studies) $1558. +. Demythologizing Celibacy: Practical Wisdom from Christian and Buddhist Monasticism. $1995. The devil, they say, is always in the detailAs historian Ira Chernus explains, "the focus shifted steadily Taking note of unusual turns of phrase in a narrative, for the Talmud scholar, sometimes opens up well studied texts to new experiences and probes.1 Upon very thick reading, the stories told of the rabbis and by the rabbis prove as complex as the most difficult pieces of Talmudic legal " give and take. Ira Chernus offers a fine‑grained analysis of the genesi Ira Chernus PROFESSOR OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO AT BOULDER Louis Farrakhan and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Last October, nearly a million Black men elevated Louis Farrakhan to the main stage of U.S. politics. Three weeks later, a lone Jewish man removed Yitzhak Rabin from the stage of world politics. 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Mr. Chernus pens an opinion that is chocked full of disingenuous mischaracterizations regarding the official Hamas Charter, the Islamist terrorist organization’s founding document drafted in 1987 and revised in 2017. Mr. Chernus’ letter boasts an inference that he has cornered the market on the truth of Hamas. In an era of rampant ...Taking money out of a Roth IRA early can cost you in additional taxes and penalties. You may be able to avoid penalties under some circumstances. Once you are 59 1/2 years old, a Roth IRA that is at least five years old is qualified. This m...Perhaps the entire leadership of the ADL has merely been on an extended summer vacation, and remains unaware of the existence of this body of highly controversial material, which they normally would attack in such harsh terms. Surely, they would be grateful at an opportunity to begin earning their munificent salaries.[Ira Chernus is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder.] Every year, apologists for Israel's occupation of Palestine eagerly await Martin Luther King Day.Ira Chernus. October 29, 2001. If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., were alive today, he might well be leading acts of civil disobedience against the war in Afghanistan. And he would probably be charged with domestic terrorism, under the new anti-terrorism act. Anyone who has any links to his organization, or contributed money to it, could be ...

Ira Chernus. Old habits are hard to break. European-Americans started doing it 400 years ago. Invade the territory of a darker-skinned people, although they have never attacked you. Bring overwhelming military technology, leaving them little chance to defend themselves. When they dare to fight back, using whatever means they can, cry "Foul!Since the newest nuclear images follow the same psychological pattern as their predecessors, they are likely to lead us deeper into nuclear madness.Chernus offers new interpretations of four major theorists int the psychology of religion—Paul Tillich, R.D. Laing, Mircea Eliade, and James Hillman—to trace the roots of nuclear madness back to ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Feb 5, 2017 · Ira Chernus, a TomDispatch regular, is professo. Possible cause: Ira Chernus, What the President-Elect Should Be Reading. Posted on December 9, 2008 May 1.

IRA CHERNUS is a professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado at …Way back in 2007, a physics professor at Brigham Young University, Dr Steven E. Jones, turned up critical evidence while investigating samples of World Trade Center (WTC) dust. The samples had been collected immediately after September 11, 2001 from the thick deposit of dust that blanketed the WTC site and much of lower Manhattan.Ira Chernus is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Read more of his writing about Israel, Palestine and the U.S. on his blog.

By Ira Chernus | The Longmont Leader Verified The Longmont Leader accepts contributions, photos, letters to the editor, or LTEs, and op-eds for publication from community members, business leaders and public officials on local topics.Buy books online written by Ira Chernus and sign up for author alerts for new book email notifications.

Find many great new & used options an Nikki Haley; Unlike the other figures here, Nikki Haley, was born ("Nimrata Randhawa") in the U.S. She is arguably the most prominent Indian in Republican politics. As governor of South Carolina (2011-2017) and former ambassador to the United Nations, Haley has built an enviable national profile.. And unlike her anti-white, Indian counterparts on the Left, Haley is far from shrill. By Ira Chernus | The Longmont Leader Verified The Longmont LeadIra Chernus is a professor of religious Ira Chernus, a professor of religious studies, wrote: "The days of Vietnam-style 'body counts' ended long ago. Now, since nearly all the killing is done from high above, there may be no way to get even a close approximation [of the price of war in terms of casualties]. This is the new way of war. We destroy the enemy's air defenses and then …In the meantime, as TomDispatch regular Ira Chernus points out, the Obama administration's focus on Iran continually creates unexpected problems elsewhere. Tom. Obama Trapped Behind Wall of Mideast Containment It's the Iranians, Stupid By Ira Chernus. Damn the Iranians and full speed ahead. That was the U.S. policy in the Middle East. US opinion-shapers have obeyed 'Three Commandments' for Ira Chernus uncovers the key to this paradox in Eisenhower's unwavering commitment to …Buy Apocalypse Management: Eisenhower and the Discourse of National Insecurity by Ira Chernus online at Alibris. We have new and used copies available, in 1 editions - starting at $8.61. Shop now. Ira Chernus's book would at first glance seem anFrequently bought together. This item: American NonviolencSince late February 2022 Russia's war with Ukraine ha Ira Chernus, Faith Talk 2008. By Ira Chernus On January 13, 2008. 1. 2. Ira Chernus is professor emeritus of religious studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In his retirement, he has created an online anthology of Walt Whitman's words.Mysticism in Rabbinic Judaism: Studies in the History of Midrash 1st Edition is written by Ira Chernus and published by De Gruyter. The Digital and eTextbook ISBNs for Mysticism in Rabbinic Judaism are 9783110852066, 3110852063 and the print ISBNs are 9783110085891, 3110085895. Save up to 80% versus print by going digital with VitalSource. The essays on this site, a complement to my blog TY - BOOK TI - Apocalypse Management: Eisenhower and the Discourse of National Insecurity AU - Chernus, Ira SP - 328 CY - Stanford PB - Stanford University Press PY ... Apocalypse Management: Eisenhower and the Discourse of Natio[Read reviews from the world's largest community for reIra Chernus, Will Culture War Overshadow Real War in As another 9/11 anniversary comes and goes, many questions surrounding the events remained unanswered. MintPress brings you a freshly updated article, originally published in May, 2019 that seeks answers to some of those questions. NEW YORK — For nearly two decades, one of the most overlooked and little known arrestsmade in the …In his "Atoms for Peace" speech of 1953, President Dwight David Eisenhower captured the tensions--and the ironies--of the atomic age. While nuclear devastation threatened all nations, Eisenhower believed only nuclear preparedness offered protection; while nuclear weapons loomed as the ultimate war cloud, nuclear power offered progress and hope. ...